Infant Oral Health

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child's first dental visit should be no later than his/her 1st birthday or the presence of your child's first tooth!!!

We recommend that your child be seen at the time his or her first teeth begin to erupt but no later than his or her first birthday.  Why so EARLY? Because almost half of children have tooth decay or cavities before they reach kindergarten.  Tooth decay can affect how your child grows, can cause significant pain, and even cause your child to miss days in school.

Establish a dental HOME

At Poplar Bluff Children's Dentistry we encourage parents to establish a dental home with eruption of the first tooth and no later than age 1. This means we want to help parents select our dental office where their child can receive comprehensive oral health care that is provided regularly and is centered around your family needs.

You and your loved ones will LOVE Poplar Bluff Children's Dentistry for many reasons.  We have a fun office and make sure all of our young patients are comfortable when visiting us and have a great experience.  Though young children are small, they can have big fears or anxiety about going somewhere to have a stranger look in their mouth and do things they don't understand.  NOT HERE!!  Children love Dr. Daves and feel comfortable about what happens in the office and are engaged in the process.  Dr. Daves and her TEAM take the time needed to explain what is going on and even make the process fun.

For those in Poplar Bluff and all the surrounding areas with young children looking for a Pediatric Dentist, you won't regret visiting us at Poplar Bluff Children's Dentistry.  We love what we do and love making trips to the dentist as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for our young friends.

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American Academy of Pediatric Denistiry (AAPD) Policy on Establishing a Dental Home

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